A Message From a Typical Southern Gentleman

Hello all out there in the world! This is a message from a soul who declares himself a Typical Southern Gentleman. Now what do I mean by “Typical” Southern Gentleman? Well there are some terms and actions that a Southern Gentleman follows in everyday life. They live by these morals and actions. It defines their very selves and they only deviate from these values very rarely. I myself do not always live up to the standards of the Typical Southern Gentleman that I will be writing about. But I am here to share with you my life stories and morals that I hope can compel you to live the way I am trying to. I will keep the bantering and religious squabble to a minimum. There will be no excessive profanity in my articles. Why? Well I want people from all walks of life to divulge in and take part in what I do. That means having my material good and clean.

So I bet you’re still asking yourself, “what is a southern gentleman?” I know you are because I have gotten slightly off topic and I haven’t directly answered this impending question.

A southern gentleman is someone who lives to better himself and his community each and everyday. He treats all people, ESPECIALLY women with a high amount of respect. He can be trusted completely when he gives you his word as a man and shakes your hand.

Remember how this used to be a way of life for people? I know I don’t particularly. That’s how long ago it was. But why not bring this idea back into America? We can rise up again, and be this sophisticated group of people that the world looks upon for wisdom and how to act. That is ultimately what I want desperately!

So, with that in mind, I will submit articles that will show how I think a Southern Gentleman should act and treat others. And hopefully, I will grow from this with all of you!

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