How To Treat a Woman On a Date

How many of you out there enjoy taking women out on dates? I absolutely love taking my girlfriend out on dates! It can be a lot of fun and I just love hearing stories about other guys and their date stories. Maybe that makes me slightly feminine but I don’t care. They are fun and interesting to listen to if you get to hear the right ones!

Many of your are probably wondering about how to treat them? Well from a Typical Southern Gentleman standpoint there are some rules or guidelines to follow when you are taking your special someone out on a date. It is vital that you read these rules then add in some personal elements to them. Doing so will certainly make your lady feel loved and respected. I strive to do this on every date my girlfriend and I go on. Granted we don’t go on “dates” a lot anymore, typically we are just eating out with friends, but the same principles apply here also!

So here are the ways to treat your woman:

  • Do not rush things on a first date! Take your time with things, you two shouldn’t be in a rush if this is your first time going out! If you’re picking her up at her place, go ahead and put out your hand and walk her to your car. Yes, it might sound a little unorthodox in this day and age, but I still believe in chivalry.
  • Always open her door for her. This step right here is something I was taught from a very early age and I believe should be fundamental in all male manner. Then again, I was raised in the south. We also say yes ma’am and no ma’am. Opening her door will show that you can be a gentleman, and you indeed care about how well the night goes. Another thing you will want to do is hold her chair for her at dinner, granted if you go out to eat.
  • Tone down the male things you do for just a few hours! No, I’m not telling you to not be yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t act like you have some manners! Don’t burp, pass gas, pick your nose, or brag about ex’s when you take her out. These things are a definite no’s. But I’m positive you already knew that?

These are some basic tips you should follow when taking a woman out to dinner or on a date. Act like a gentleman, and I can guarantee you that she will not only appreciate it, but will dazzle her. Most guys this day and age do not act like they had manners growing up. And I know it’s not too late to turn that around. Wouldn’t it be nice if our generation was known for the reintroduction of manners and politeness?

Now when you get to dinner, if you’re going there, follow some of these tips! Follow her to the table when the waiter seats you! Don’t walk in front of her, that’s just rude and shows that you are impatient. And if it’s a really nice place, the waiter will pull her chair out for her. But most waiters will give you the opportunity to be polite so go ahead and get it for her! This will show that you have a take charge attitude when it comes to things that matter to you.

Now comes the fun part; ordering food. Luckily for you, there will be time for you two to talk before the waiter asks what entree you’d like to order. Start talking to her right away about what food she likes as soon as you two sit down! Once you get an idea, order for the two of you, if you like the dish of course? If she is indecisive about one or two things that’s even better! You order one for her and another for yourself! Then share the two. That will break some ice around boring dinner conversation and gives lots of new things to discuss!

During dinner, it’s very important that you keep eye contact a good part of the time. This includes when you are eating. If she isn’t in the talkative mood or doesn’t have much to say, ask her some questions about work or school! Then move the conversation to yourself a little. No, this isn’t rude if you do it right. I’m not suggesting that you only talk about yourself either. Just bring up what you do in the world. Your job, kids if you have any, or just your day. Something that may sound boring or unimportant to you may amaze her interests! This is great if the conversation isn’t going anywhere.

After dinner, you will either take her on the rest of the date or home. Either way is a good time to see how she liked dinner or the date in general. If she’s up to holding hands or being touchy, by all means grab her hand! But like I said before, don’t rush things! A kiss doesn’t have to happen on the first date either. Granted most women will give a small peck on the lips or cheek, even if they didn’t have the best of time. But remember, act like a gentleman, and she will act like a very sweet lady.

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A Message From a Typical Southern Gentleman

Hello all out there in the world! This is a message from a soul who declares himself a Typical Southern Gentleman. Now what do I mean by “Typical” Southern Gentleman? Well there are some terms and actions that a Southern Gentleman follows in everyday life. They live by these morals and actions. It defines their very selves and they only deviate from these values very rarely. I myself do not always live up to the standards of the Typical Southern Gentleman that I will be writing about. But I am here to share with you my life stories and morals that I hope can compel you to live the way I am trying to. I will keep the bantering and religious squabble to a minimum. There will be no excessive profanity in my articles. Why? Well I want people from all walks of life to divulge in and take part in what I do. That means having my material good and clean.

So I bet you’re still asking yourself, “what is a southern gentleman?” I know you are because I have gotten slightly off topic and I haven’t directly answered this impending question.

A southern gentleman is someone who lives to better himself and his community each and everyday. He treats all people, ESPECIALLY women with a high amount of respect. He can be trusted completely when he gives you his word as a man and shakes your hand.

Remember how this used to be a way of life for people? I know I don’t particularly. That’s how long ago it was. But why not bring this idea back into America? We can rise up again, and be this sophisticated group of people that the world looks upon for wisdom and how to act. That is ultimately what I want desperately!

So, with that in mind, I will submit articles that will show how I think a Southern Gentleman should act and treat others. And hopefully, I will grow from this with all of you!

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